Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tabby Toes Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, bet you can guess who is here today!

Yep, it's me Sami!  And I'm with my favorite kitty in the whole wide world, my big brofur Sasha.  m

Doesn't he look like an angel when he's sleeping?

BTW, Sasha wasn't the only one sleeping last night.  Our innerwebs was too!  We wanted to visit our furriends but mom bean said it was inte...enter-mitt-tent, or something like that.  All we know is we had to watch her watch the guys chase the black thing on ice instead.

Have a great Tabby Toes Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. Have a loving and sweet Tuesday.

  2. You are so sweet and adorable together! I guess innerwebs finally woke up? :-)
    Happy Tabby Toes Tuesday!

  3. Such cute little toes, Sami. Obviously, your internet is working again - but coming and going is what it does.

  4. happee twooz day bak at cha guys....hope all iz well ....& sum times itz nice ta for getz de inter webz iz even round N just chillax with yur peepul(z) & watch sum tee N vee N eatz ham samiches ☺ ♥♥♥

  5. Vocês são adoráveis!
    Boa preguiça meus amores.