Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tabby Toes Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here.

I'm not furry happy today.  Mom bean just told us she is going away abandoning us again.

We knew something was up when the big blue box came out and she started putting her clean laundry in it.  She says she isn't leaving until the weekend...but I don't know what that means.  For us kitties, efurry day is the weekend!

She says she won't be here to help us tippy tap and where she is going she won't even have the interwebs.  I'm furry unhappy with her right now.  So I is saying to the mom bean, "Talk to the paw!"

I think I'll go have a long nap.  

Have a great tabby toes Tuesday efurrybody!


  1. well, sweetheart, how long will she be gone? Poor baby. Have you all planned a HouseTrashin' Pawty?

  2. Your mom is going to have a great time while she's away. However, we think you ought to throw a house-trashing party while she's gone!

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry your mom is abandoning you! I hope she will be back in no time!

  4. guys....ewe noe what they say....when de food peepulz a way....de kittehz will play...if ewe haz de grill, we will bring over a cargo load oh surf & turf ♥♥♥

    a safe journee two yur mom ~~~~~

  5. Querido Sami espero que ela volte em breve!

  6. Sheesh. She needs to learn to stay put. ;)