Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday

Hi efurrybody!

Look at this.  Do you see Mr Bunny?

He's sitting on our deck! Do you suppose he is planning to move into the house with us kitties?

Mom bean says no way but we isn't so sure.  

You can see the snow is going away.  We is hoping the green grass shows up soon.  We bet Mr Bunny does too!

Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. It's funny how so many times we see them, rabbits are simply sitting, as if waiting...for make a mistake... (Cue ominous music.)

  2. Maybe he's the Easter Bunny. You could leave him your list of preferred treats!

  3. guys...we think heez a SPY....look at him.....


  4. That looks like a nice bunny. The ones around here are mostly gray and boring looking.