Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today it's the mom bean here.  The kitties are quite happy to let me take over the blog to give you an update on Bruce Almighty.
From the Regina Human Society's website on Wednesday:

Today was bandage changing day for Bruce Almighty. Once every 48 hours, RHS Veterinarians sedate him, remove his dressings, use hydrotherapy on his leg wounds and paws and evaluate his condition. We're really happy to share that no new necrotic (dying) tissue was found. In consultation with a surgical specialist at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, it has been determined thebest course of action is to continue with the hydrotherapy, antibotics and pain management medication. Once Bruce Almighty's wounds improve, his treatment may include paw pad grafts on his front two paws. As a patient, Bruce Almighty does great. He even enjoyed a short period of time outside of his kennel today where he showed us his ability to walk (even with large bandages on three of his legs). Given the state he was found in nearly a week ago, his progress is very encouraging. He continues to eat and drink well, enjoys interacting with us throughout the day and of course takes his cat naps quite seriously. Once again we thank everyone so much for their support and good thoughts!

I have read that he has lost four of his toes on each of the front feet but he is a polydactyl so has two remaining toes.  Reading that he is able to walk is wonderful!

The outpouring of support for Bruce is amazing.  And it isn't just local, it is coming from around the world!  There was a crowd funding site set up and the funds received have more than exceeded the expected costs.  I hope that means the RHS is able to help even more animals - though hopefully they won't be badly abused before arriving.

Now if only investigators could find the person or persons responsible for this.  If a dose of retributive justice were meted out I'd be very thankful!


  1. I'm glad there's a good update! Look at that poor boy. What a sweet face. I hope and pray for full recovery (as "full" as possible) and for a wonderful, loving, true forever home for him, after all of this.

    I have only awe and admiration for those who can deal with the sick and injured. I'd be in tears and sobbing my guts out every day.

  2. dood....continmewed blessings frum R total lee awesum pal St Francis two ewe...he haz plentee ta spare & is willing ta share... N we will ask him ta put in mega shares for ewe....when all iz said & done we hope ewe R in de BEST oh for everz homes ♥♥♥♥♥

    & we hope that *************************************

    ....since thiz iz sami, saku & sasha's blog....we willna print what we want two happen..... two who did thiz two ewe

  3. Ainda bem que o mundo está cheio de pessoas generosas!

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news about Bruce's excellent progress, He has a long road ahead of him as he regains his health & stamina and his terrible wounds heal. It is a good sign that he is coping so well considering what he has been through. Please continue to keep us updated on Bruce Almighty's condition. I hope the authorities & animal lovers find the evil person who inflicted such abuse on an innocent cat before they strike another victim.

  5. so very glad there is some good news for him.. hopefully he isn't suffering too badly while he's mending