Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tabby Toesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

Mom bean calls this my owl pose. She`s a silly bean...I`m a cat. 

I like hanging out on this part of the cat tree becuz I can keep an eye on what's happening inside and outside.  Plus the brofurs can't sneak 
up on me!

After checking out efurrything, I like to sit and have a bath.

Gotta keep those pretty pink toes clean you know!

Have a great Tabby Toesday efurryone!


  1. Sami, às vezes também faço algumas comparações bobas com os meus gatinhos, mas acho que é coisa de mãe carinhosa hehehehe

  2. Beautiful Owl... ops, cat!!!!
    You´re an awesome baby!

  3. OH you precious baby! Those toesies are gawjuss and YOU are gawjuss all offer! Brofurs gotta be naughty!

  4. If you can turn your head right around, Sami, you really would be an owl.

  5. sami...yur mom shuld be total lee A SHAMED.....for even THINKIN.... ta make a BURD ree mark upon yur purrsonage....owl inn deed.......



  6. Sami, you're doing a good job on those toesies.

  7. Oh we love tabbies and you are one great example. Glad you have such a great seat on that Tree. You all have a fantastic day.