Sunday, February 1, 2015

She's home!

Hi efurrybody Sami here!

Mom's home!!!!  She gotted here late last night and we was all happy to see her.  Not that our bean brofur didn't take good care of us (he even gave us nip!) but there is no one better than mom to snuggle with.

She says she can't even take pictures of us to show you because we won't get off her, MOL!  She doesn't realize we're doing that so she can't get away from us efur again.

Maybe tomorrow we'll let her take pictures but for now there are pats, scritches and lubbins' to be got.

Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. We're glad your mom is home safe and sound! We hope she appreciates the fact that you aren't ignoring her or peeing in her shoes as a reprimand for being gone SO LONG!

  2. VIVA!!!!
    Aproveitem para ficar sua mamãe, meus amores.
    Tenham uma ótima semana.

  3. We're so glad your mom is home. We hope she's giving you all extra cuddles.

  4. Yaaay glad your mom is back home!
    I can imagine you are all over her. Make sure she won't go anywhere :-)

  5. I'm sure you missed your mum very much. I doubt that you thought that she was gone forever - but you never know! So it's good when you see her come through the door.

  6. OH I know how happy you ALL were. Your mommy and you. It is always SO wonderful getting together again when our parents have been gone. xxooxox