Monday, February 23, 2015

Mancat Monday

Guess who?

You gots a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

Of course, it's me, Saku. I'm always ready to help the mom bean make a bed.

You messed up on that hospital corner mom!

Mom bean calls this the spare room.  It's fur extra beans to sleep in.  Last night the bean sisfur slept here so mom washed the sheets and remade the bed.

She says us kitties aren't supposed to be in the room. Appawently extra beans don'ts like kitty furs.

Good one mom!  Efurrybody likes kitty furs.  And even if they don'ts I'm still gonna have a nap here.

Have a great mancat Monday efurrybody!


  1. You´re so cute!!!
    I love big mouths!!!!

  2. I love your spare room, Saku. Such lovely color tones and decoration!
    And it's crazy anybody wouldn't like kitty furs. Of course, everyone loves them!

  3. The spare room is very nice - and what could be more welcoming than a cat on the bed?

  4. Bonita decoração!
    Saku você é um ótimo ajudante, acho que você merece tirar um cochilo nessa cama bonita!

  5. guys...we iz gonna guess that ...saku... iz under de sheet !!! TA DA !!! ♥♥
    awesum fotos two day dood !! we like de last de best !!! MWA HA HA ☺ ~~~

  6. MOL! That made us laugh too. Like the humans can keep us out of rooms.

  7. WHAT!?!?! Cat furs make a home, well...HOMEY.