Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just another easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

I's having an easy Sunday relaxing on the mom bean's messy bed.  I told her to leave it that way, and I'd make it when I'm ready to get up.  Do you think she believed me?

Have a great Sunday efurrybody!


  1. Well, as long as you don't get TOO specific about what "making" it actually entails. Personally, I think "making it" means leaving a nice decorative dusting of furs.

  2. Make the bed? But it looks like you've got it all comfy and cozy, already. Just the right way for snoozin' on a Sunday.


  3. Oh that bed doesn't need to be made as long as you are comfy Saku. Sure looks good to us. Have a great afternoon.

  4. You have the right idea, Saku. It's 7.35 on a Monday when I'm reading this and I envy you in that soft bed. Yawn.