Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fussy cat on Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

Excuse me while I have a slurp or two of water. Ahhh...that's better.

Did you know the mom bean keeps this bowl in the un-sweet room just for me?  As far as she knows this is the only place I drink my water.

I know I don't like the fountain or the tap; running water is not for me!  I will occasionally drink from the big bowl in the un-sweet room but I really prefer this bowl.  Mom bean thinks I like my water at room temperature.

On the other hand I like my stinky goodness cold so the mom bean keeps the cans in the cold box. Sami and Saku don't care so I get what I want.  Since I am the elder cat, the world is is as it should be.

Time for my Caturday nap.  Have a great day efurryone!


  1. I do like the same as you . I always drink from the bowl or human glass ;)
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Elder cats deserve all kinds of special treatments. So glad Sasha, that you have such a great Mom who takes such good care of you. That is very nice of her to give you a nice bowl of water. You all have a great Sunday.

  3. Hi Sasha. My Niko is like you, he doesn't like fountain, either.
    Your mom knows very well what you want :-)

  4. Cats and their water. I could write a book on mine and water. I guess you're no exception, Sasha.