Monday, August 11, 2014

Not much Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha and Saku here.

This is gonna be a short post 'cuz the mom bean's arm is hurting lots so she is using one finger tippy tapping.

Today when she came home from chasing green papers she asked us what we did all day?

Can you guess what we said?  Hint - it is in the title!  MOL

PeeEss:  the mom bean says she'll help us visit our furreinds but there might not be many comments.


  1. What happened to your mum's arm?

  2. doodz..we R... not much.... on guessin but we will say....SLEEP !!!

  3. Vocês fizeram o que sabem fazer de melhor hehehe
    Espero que o braço de sua mamãe fique bom, façam ela repousar.

  4. I'm sorry your mom's arm is hurting. I hope pain will go away!
    Doing not much is great way to spend Monday :-)

  5. I hope your mums arm gets better soon!