Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crabby Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

I is annoyed.

See me here, just minding my own business, having a bath.  I was happy as only a kitty can be.

And then....

That silly mom bean decided she just had to tickle my belly.

After a few of my well placed bunny kicks she finally went away.  But my bath was ruined.

I guess I'll go have a nap!  Hope your tabby Tuesday isn't crabby!


  1. Oh, how could she ruin your bath time!
    Well, though, I'm very guilty in this area. It's hard to resisit temptation to tickle furry belly :-)
    The last photo is so sweet. (I wanna push your paw pads!) Have a nice long nap!

  2. I do the same to my bunch sometimes. If I can't periodically annoy those who periodically annoy me, why do I have cats? That's what I say. Well, I say it when the cats can't hear me.

  3. sami...R twoozday will be a crabby if we due knot get fresh flounder in R food dish N we haza sneekin suspizion we R gonna bee crabby... ♥

  4. Sami acho que você está fazendo charme... você não parece nem um pouco aborrecido na segunda foto hehehehe