Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hi efurrybody, the mom bean promised us we could show our furriend Waffles what silly beans who cheer for the Saskatchewan Roughriders* do with watermelons.

There are some really strange beans in this world, MOL!

*The Riders are a the favorite football team in Canada, known for their crazy fans!


  1. Oh, a watermelon cut out on a cat's head? That's just wrong. So wrong on so many levels. :-P

  2. Wow! Looks strange but creative way to use watermelons!

  3. thiz iz kinda like haz yur watermelon & eat it two ...noe wait...thatz cake N we dont think ya wear it....

    :) !!!!

  4. Looking absolutely delicious and juicy! xo

  5. Ha! You are right, there are all kinds of strange peeps in the world. In WIsconsin they wear big wedges of cheese on their heads. Boy did we laugh the first time we saw that one!