Monday, May 27, 2013

It's my pawty

Hi efurrybody, Saku here.

Sometime in the last week or maybe even today is my birthday.  Mom doesn't know for sure because she didn't gotcha me until July and the shelter thought I was about 7 weeks old then.  So Mom uses today as my birthday because that was the day they moved into the house (the one we lived in before this one) and she says the timing is about right.

So, by mom's mathematical calculations, I am now 13 years old in bean years.  I spent my day the way I wanted to (which Mom says is pretty much everyday) hanging out on mom's unmade bed, talking to my bean brofur, and yelling at my pesky brofur and sisfur, Saku and Sami to leave me alone, MOL!

We's not having a big pawty for my birthday, because mom suffers from something called men-a-paws memory.  I thinks that means she forgets her man-cats birthdays, because Saku turned five in March and she forgot that too.  

Oh well, I think I'll go bug her to let me go outside for awhile.  Then I'll eat enough grass to hurl it up later in her bedroom.  But not on the bed, because I wants to sleep there tonight.

I hope efurrybody had a great Mancat Monday!


  1. We like your style! Happy Belated Birthday! xoxo

  2. Belated happy birthday from us! We don't know our exact b-dates, either, we go by the date the shelter estimated on our adoption papers. Doesn't matter, any day is reason to celebrate. Just make sure you get (or got) extra treats!

  3. Happy birthday, Saku!
    Vet and shelter estimated my boys' birthday, too. I think we can just celebrate the whole week :-)