Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tabby toes Tuesday

Hi efurbody....Sami here and I's mad at mom!

Did you know she has a bazillion, gajillion, pictures of my brofurs and only three of me?  She tried to tell me it's 'cuz all I ever does is sleep but that's just wrong!*

See here I is with one of my toys...and I's not SLEEPING.   It might be one of my favorite spots to sleep but I's not, ha, ha Mom!

And I's not sleeping here either, though I'm thinking about it, MOL.

Here I might be sleeping but who cares, 'cuz check out my toes.  Aren't they beoootiful?

*Sigh....Sami doesn't realize that because I chose only to edit three pictures doesn't mean I don't have more pictures of her.

1 comment:

  1. I'll say the same thing here that I say on Spitty's blog when his mom complains that all she has are pictures of him sleeping: I love pictures of sleeping kitties! Any kitties! All kitties! Sleeping, awake, it doesnt matter, just show me the kitties! MOL