Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone, it's mom today.  I wanted to share with you the great news from our local Humane Society.  I know many of you have been following the news of Bruce Almighty as he's recovered from his significant injuries.

When Bruce first came to the shelter in his sad state (legs and paws wrapped tightly with electrical tape) people from our community, province, country and even across the world showed their support by donating funds for his care.

Because of the generous donations received, even more animals will be rescued.  Just this past weekend, the shelter held a special event "Bruce n' Buddies adoption event.  Check out out the results!
A BIG thank you to all who opened their homes to a furry friend last week - especially during the Bruce n' Buddies adoption event. Thanks to you, 75 animals found new forever homes! Congratulations to the 39 cats, 9 dogs, 20 kittens, 5 puppies, a rabbit and a guinea pig who are now living the life they were meant to live with their new families.
Regina Humane Society's photo.

I'm sure you're wondering about Bruce too. Will he find his forever home soon.  The answer is yes, but it will be a few more days yet.  The interest in Bruce has been so great the shelter is taking applications until May 29!  From their website:

A short list of applicants will be selected to attend a short adoption interview.  Final selection will be made from approved short list applications.
Please note that the most important goal of this process is to adopt Bruce Almighty into an environment that will allow him the best opportunity to thrive and be happy.  We thank everyone for their overwhelming support and interest in Bruce Almighty.

I was hoping to find a photo of Bruce without his bandages but although there was a short video of him walking, I can't get it to upload.  If you want you can see it on their Facebook page posted on May 11.

From such a horrible situation, this sweet cat has made his way into the hearts of many, not only was his life saved but it brought about the opportunity for other animals to be cared for and loved as well.  That is something to be truly thankful for. 


  1. What a fabulous post! Hurrah for all the adoptions and paws crossed for Bruce's imminent new home. We wish him a long and happy life wherever he ends up!

  2. An excellent outcome. Bruce is not only being helped, he's helping others. I knew he would have hundreds of offers of home, so I am glad people are finding other needful animals.

  3. YAY !!!!!!! thiz inn deed iza thanx full thurzday kinda post N one we troo lee enjoyed reedin... !!!

    happee gotcha day two everee one who getted gotcha'ed frum de adoptshun event lee total lee
    kewl ~~~ ♥♥♥