Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Funny

We want to share this furry exciting recent release from the Saskatchewan R.C.M.P (Royal Cat on Mouse Patrol???)

April 1, 2015
RCMP find felines a purr-fect fit for the frontline
Regina, SK. –Saskatchewan RCMP is pleased to announce the implementation a new Police Cat Service (PCS) unit. In the coming months, 15 new frontline felines will be joining detachments across the province and working in partnership with our Police Dog Service (PDS) and specialized units. The cat’s natural hunting instinct, night vision, acute hearing and agility make them a natural fit for frontline police work.
“Frontline felines are a welcome addition to our policing services,” said Insp. Syl Vester, Officer in Charge of Police Cat Service. “They bring to the table a curiosity and confidence, which will greatly assist our frontline members in investigations.”
The first police cat in active duty is Phoebe. Along with assisting detachments in day-to-day operations, her natural ability for covert cardboard box investigations will be an ideal asset to uncover work.
Along with day-to-day operations, cats will be employed with police surveillance teams throughout the province. A cat’s night vision, climbing and acute hearing capabilities, along with their long-term memory abilities, makes them the ideal addition to teams investigating undercover.
“We are committed to providing an innovative, progressive approach to policing in this province. Police Cat Service is just one of many programs in place today,” said Insp. Syl Vester, Officer in Charge of Police Cat Service. We welcome Phoebe into our RCMP family and I know many officers will be happy to work with her as a partner,” said Insp. Syl Vester.

Mom bean says it was an April Fool's joke but we thinks it is a great idea!!


  1. Funny!! but definitely interesting...

  2. I think a cat on the job could do a lot of good :)

  3. Seria muito interessante!
    Tenham um ótimo final de semana!

  4. Hahahaha nice April fool joke! But PCS can be real some day :-)