Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Funny

Mom bean has the day off so we is gonna let her sleep in. 

Yep, just as soon as she gets up at early o'clock to get our breakfast.  And after Saku gets her to turn the tap on for a drink of water.

And maybe we'll ask for an extra pillow or two.  But then for sure we'll let her sleep in.

Have a great day efurryone!


  1. Aproveitem o descanso com sua mamãe.

  2. LOL, it's the same here on weekends. After having breakfast, getting some window whiff and going out on deck, I can sleep in :-)
    The picture is very cute! Happy Friday!

  3. Ah, a day off, or, if you have cats, a day off, sort of.

  4. guys...grate fryday funneez ..N sinz mom haz de day off make sure her heads ta de pet store afturr brekfist, pillows N servin everee one refreshin waterz drinks...ta get ewe guys sum canned goods, treetz & toyz !!

    heerz two a popeye catalufa kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. That is such a good picture. Now that is some kind of comfort. You all have a great Sunday.