Monday, March 11, 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, forgive me if I keep this brief, I'm furry sleepy.  There is just enough room on mom's chair for both of us, and the warm of the 'puter machine (and mom's hot flashers) makes it a cozy spot for a snooze.

At least until a nosy sisfur tries to butt in!
Hope you had a great mancat Monday efurrbody.


  1. A nosy sisfur with long, gorgeous whiskers! Have a nice nap! xoxo

  2. Your eyes just make me giggle !...Are you really wake up ?..MOL
    and Hello I'm Puddy, Nice to meet you : )
    Head Bonk

    PS : Just followed you

  3. É só ignorar que sua sisfur vai embora hehe. Boa soneca.