Monday, December 31, 2012

We Three Cats

Check it out....we finally  totally convinced our Mom that we deserved a blog of our very own!!!!  (She runned out of room on her own blog for pictures MOL)

You may have met us on Mom's blog, but if not, we're gonna reintr  tell you who we is.

My name is Sasha and I am the big brofur.  I've been here the longest and I'm the best cat ever, MOL!

 I'm Sami and I'm the one and only sisfur.  So that makes me extra special, right?

I'm Saku, the youngest kitty, and Mom says I'm special.
Then she laughs...what's up with that?

Anyways, we is here and we hope to see you all soon.  Mom says she'll let us post more in 2013.  We sure hope that happens soon!  


  1. Happy new year, guys! Having your own blog is a great way to start the new year, though you might have to take a firm paw with your human, to make sure she posts regularly for you. :-)

  2. Yep, she's pretty lazy...and as soon as we wake up we's definitely going to make her work on the blog, MOL!

  3. Looking forward to all that you kitties do in 2013!

  4. Hi Guys! We're gonna add you to our reader...we'll be back and Happy MEW Year!

  5. Hello. It's great to see a new cat blog. Don't worry about publishing anything regularly. I made it explicit on my blog that its updating will be irregular - a built-in excuse for laziness, some may call it. In any case, happy new year and best wishes in the new blog.