Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

I've been worrying the mom bean some the last little while.

See, I haven't been feeling furry hungry and I don't come for dinner when she calls.

Sometimes I even run away to the basement when the stinky goodness comes out.  So tonight mom bean didn't bother to call me at all and just fed Sami and Saku their dinner.

A little while later I came upstairs and sat with mom bean in our chair. (I don't mind sharing it with the mom bean 'cuz it's warm and cozy).  I was having a nice nap dreaming about stinky goodness when I woke up and realized it wasn't a dream after all.

The mom bean had brought my supper to the chair!  I sat up and I ate it all up (even the stuff I dribbled on the chair 'cuz the mom bean picked it up and put in back in the bowl) That's the best dinner I've had in a long time.

Mom bean was furry happy and I was too.  This way I don't have to eat with those silly fursibs poking their faces into my bowl when I eat slower than I do.  Plus I get extra time with mom bean.  Winner, winner....stinky goodness dinner!

Have a great Tabby Tuesday efurrybody.

Mom bean here - if you can spare some purrs for Sasha I'd really appreciate it. If he wants to eat his dinner on the chair, under the bed, in the tub, I'll feed it to him anywhere just to ensure he eats.  He'll turn 15 at the end of this month and has lost some weight this past year.  Even so, he's still a very happy cat and seems healthy otherwise.  


  1. Sasha, we're very glad you ate your dinner when your mom brought it to you. We're sending you lots and lots of purrs that you're okay, just not wanting to eat with your roomies.

    Note to Eileen: Has Sasha checked out okay re: blood work, urine analysis, etc.? I've no experience (yet) with CRF, but it's always a concern in older cats, obviously. Fingers crossed there's nothing untoward going on.

  2. Oh Sasha! I'll keep you in my daily purrs.

  3. Sasha, I agree with Fuzzy Tales in that you may need a check up. If you will eat it, there is a type of food called Recovery that has an extra concentration of nutrients. It's for convalescing cats, but is good for cats who don't get their necessary nutrition, or don't get it often enough. It may come only from vets, but may be worth checking out.

  4. Oh Sasha, I'm glad you ate your dinner eventually. I hope you keep eating well.
    And I hope nothing serious is going on, and it's just that you don't want to eat with your fursibs. My boys are like that, so I often serve dinner in separate rooms. Purrs to you xoxo

  5. dood....sum times...ya just want yur a lone time with yur foodz....if ya feelin safer N better eatin on yur own, like mom said...go for it.....pleez ta keep eatin....wear ever ya gotta eat ... sew ewe due knot hafta go two de ewe noe wear place oh eeeevil....

    N just coz him haz plentee ta spare, de blessings oh st francis two ewe !! ♥♥♥

    pee ezz...for what its werth...daisy willna eat round boomer any more...nor him....round her

  6. Sasha, maybe having the other kitties around while you're trying to eat bothers you for some reason. Eating separately from them may help. I like having my foods served to me in the living room. ~Ernie

  7. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.. I hope that you are feeling better soon