Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Bruce Almighty on the mend

Mom bean here again to share with everyone the latest update on Bruce Almighty.

It’s been a week of continued healing for Bruce Almighty! His bandage changes and hydrotherapy continue to be done by the RHS Veterinary team every few days. The healing of his wounds on his front paws is going incredible well and his newly unwrapped back leg is looking near normal.
Bruce Almighty is feeling much stronger and is happiest when he is near people. He’s able to walk short distances with his front bandages and now spends his weekdays in staff offices and the weekends at home with his foster family. He’s a very eager talker and is always willing to roll over for a belly rub and ear scratches. He absolutely adores sitting on a warm lap and will stand up on his back legs and ask to be picked up knowing cuddles await him on the lap of his choice.
He’s also very good at telling us what he doesn't like! That includes being held or carried and being in his kennel too long. He’s been known to use his front paws to bang on the kennel doors to let RHS staff know he’s ready to come out and visit.
We simply adore his personality and it’s clear to us that Bruce Almighty will have no problems adjusting to pampered house cat status when he’s fully healed. We continue to receive so many kind messages of concern and caring for Bruce Almighty and want to share his and our thanks. At one point his future was so uncertain but he continues to defy the odds thanks to so many of you!

It's so wonderful to read how well he is doing.  I suspect there will be a long list of prospective parents waiting for the day he is ready for adoption. (It won't be me...Saku would never tolerate another kitty in the house!)

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  1. I'm glad he's doing so well, kudos to all the vets, vet techs, volunteers, his foster family...all involved. Yes, I'm sure there will be many applications for adoption when he's healed and ready, and I hope he lives the life of Riley (where does that expression come from?) once he's in his forever home. He deserves to be spoiled and pampered and doted on all his days.