Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Funny

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I'm hanging out on the mom bean's messy bed today.

Normally we'd find a funny for you but today we didn't have to look furry far.

The kitties and woofies at Jan's Funny Farm often share stories when their bean Jan does funny stuff.  So today we is going to do the same.
This is the mom bean's foot.  (It sure in the heck isn't mine, MOL)*

The other night she gotted up at night to use her litter box room, she didn't turn on the light 'cuz she didn't want to disturb us.  (Silly bean, she can't see in the dark like us kitties!)

Anyway, on her way back to bed she got dis-or, dis-ire, mixed up and walked right into the armywar.  She was so tired she just went back to sleep and when she woked up she hardly remembered what happened.

That's funny!  But you know what is funnier?  Do you see the bruise on her big toe?  That didn't happen at the same time.  No, she did that last night when she was unpacking groceries and a can of soup fell on her toe.  MOL...what a klutz!

Have a great Friday efurrybody!

*She says it looks worse than it feels.  We say she needs a pedicure!


  1. I think I'd prefer walking into furniture the dropping a tin of soup on my foot. Ouch!

  2. manee times did yur mom use de F werd....

    flounder !!!

    heerz two a halibut herring N haddock kinda week oh end ♥

  3. Ouch! Your mom's foot sure has taken a beating. ;)

  4. Oh ouchie! Your mom needs to stop torturing her foot!

    Happy weekend :-)

  5. eeeek! Mommy just winced, thinking about that soup can...