Sunday, December 28, 2014

Easy Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I'm hanging out with my brofur Sasha in the sun puddles on the mom bean's messy bed.

We suggested she needs to wait to make it until we're finished napping, MOL.

Besides I need a good nap 'cuz it's been a busy few days.

There were prezzies to inspect. Another kitty named Alti left some of her furs on the bag just for us!

I helped the mom bean set the table for Chrissymouse dinner.  I'm not sure why she had to put anything else on the table.  Don't I make a good centerpiece?

I had to play with the mom bean so she didn't get bored.  Being away from work for more than a day or two is hard on her 'cuz she hasn't enuf to do.  

Phew, that makes me tired just thinking about efurrything I had to do.  Time for a long nap!  Have a great easy Sunday efurrybody!


  1. Hi Saku, sounds like you were pretty busy around Christmas. I think you make a purrfect centerpiece for dinner table :-)
    Have a good rest and enjoy nice long naps!

  2. Saku, you deserve a nice long nap after all that work you did.

  3. I can certainly see why you were in need of a good nap. All that helpin' and supervisin'... You've had a super busy week, for sure.


  4. It sounds like a busy Christmas Day for all of you. Now you get to relax a bit.