Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

Don't let the man kitties tell you anything different, I was the first kitty to check out the new couch.  BUT mom bean said the man cats get Monday so I had to wait to show you until today.  She's mean!!!!

First I found a comfy place to relax.

Then I made sure it was a good place to have a baff.

Finally, I made sure it was a good place to nap.  AND it was!!!!

BTW, do you see I got to be on the new couch before mom bean put the blanket on it?  That means I'm a good girl or...just faster than the man kitties!

Hope you all had a great Tabby Tuesday!  


  1. We totally believe that you were first on the new couch, Sami! You look really comfy there.

  2. You're a good girl, of course. Though you might be faster too. :-)

  3. It looks pretty comfy, Sami. And that new-couch smell, of course...

  4. Tenho certeza que você é uma boa menina Sami. Adorei a cor do sofá!

  5. sami...no. that sofa IS yours....check under neath and you will see it's written...Sami's Sofa in bold ink

    N yea, the BOYS can stay away

    hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=