Monday, July 21, 2014

Late Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Can you believe it?  The mom bean just gotted home and it's like late o'clock here!*

She was on the road 'cuz she had to pick up our cuzin Hollywood at the ebil v e t office. Her bean brofur told her Hollywood had an appointment to have her stitches out in the morning, but he forgotted to tell her Hollywood had an appointment after work to have her eye examined too.

Mom bean says it's a good thing she likes her bean brofur, and she lubs Hollywood more.

So Hollywood is home safe and sound, and very glad to be there with her momfur and sisfur.  She gotted her stitches out, the cone of shame is gone, and she can hang out in the porch in the sunshine.

I guess I'm not too mad at the mom bean for being away so long 'cuz I know she was helping our cuzin.

Good night efurryone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Mancat Monday!

*it's only 8 p.m. but apparently for Saku that's late - Mom


  1. uh it comes...


  2. Oh, groan (re: the Lounge's comment). Ha.

    Great news that Hollywood is doing well and that she no longer has to wear the cone of shame.

    P.S. 8PM is late for our human too. LOL.

  3. Hurray for Hollywood! (I couldn't resist that.) I'm happy to read that she is doing so well. The removal of the cone is always a good sign.

  4. dood...hope hollywoodz doin aye oh kay...St Francis' blessing two her ♥

  5. I'm very happy for Hollywood that the stitches are out and she doesn't have to wear corn of shame any more. I hope she enjoys nice relaxing time now :-)
    Haha, 8pm is very late here, too!