Monday, June 23, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here with our habitually late Mancat Monday post.  This mom bean is one hard one to train, sigh....

However I will forgive her because guess what she grew for us me!

She says it is called oat grass.  I call it yummy!

She got the idea from the last visited to the farm. Our cuzins Puddy, PJ, and Hollywood had a container of it.  Puddy was even sleeping in it.

So she went out and bought some seeds, planted them and what left them outside in the rain to grow*.

When she brought it inside to the sunny room, I was the first to check it out.  Sami took a sniff but she wasn't furry interested.

I took a couple of good healthy sniffs to check the kwality.

Then it was onto some serious munching,  This stuff is good! Nom, nom, nom!!!

And do you know what I did as soon as I finished eating my fill?  You guessed it, I horked it up on mom bean's clean kitchen floor. 

MOL, that'll teach her for posting late!

*I forgot about the birds who helped themselves to some of the seeds. - Mom


  1. Ohhh that oat grass looks so yummy! You'll enjoy it a lot!
    You are very kind to pick kitchen floor to hork up - easy to clean :-)

  2. That is some mighty green grass. But it was very tasty. Hope all of you have a great day.

  3. I've heard that it always comes back up. Several of my cats don't need help with that.

  4. dood...itz noe wunder ya hurled....dam burdz wuz messin with de grazz N de seed....N next time....if ya reeeeely wanna let yur mom noe how...happee....ewe iz....try her shooz !! ♥

  5. Oh isso sempre acontece quando comemos grama, o prazer é nosso e a sujeira é para a nossa humana hehehehe