Monday, April 21, 2014

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

I've been busy snoopervising the mom bean's packing. I'm such a good helper, I let her know when she's forgotten something and how to fold stuff so she can fit more in.  MOL, no I don't!

But I do inspect to make sure there is some of my furs in there for her to take along.

Wait a minute!  That means the mom bean is going away again.  Without my pawmission!!!

As soon as I have a nap, I is going to come up with the purrfect revenge.

Have a great Mancat Monday efurrybody!

PeeEss:  Spitty, tell your mom bean she was right - that was a curling match our mom bean and I were watching yesterday. Bellen, it was the Grand Slam Player's Championship with Jennifer Jones playing Rachel Homan (the Jones team won).  Later the mom bean watched the men's game with Kevin Martin playing Brad Jacobs.  She was excited when Martin won, because Kevin announced his retirement from curling this weekend.


  1. guys...yur mom goes a way sew much yur houz kneads ta tern inta partee central !!

    we bee on de way with 98 cases oh fish and de grill !!!

    YAY !!!!!

  2. Saku, sua mamãe não pediu permissão! Isso é imperdoável!
    Mas eu acho que a maior vingança é ela sentir a sua falta enquanto viaja.

  3. OMC! Our mom has hers out too! She has been talked about Philly - we thought it was a furriend's kitty, but maybe not!

  4. Your Mom is leaving you wifout purrmission? And just where the heck does she think she's going anyway? Is she on some chamionship curling team of sumfing??? I don't see no broom in that suitcase though. Thanks for the 'splaining! We gotta watch that sometime.

  5. Oh no, your mom is leaving without pawmission! You gotta come up with really good revenge. But I'm sure she will take lots of your fur and think about you all the time while she is away :-)