Monday, December 30, 2013

Exciting times

Hi efurrybody, Sasha, Sami, and Saku here today!

The mom bean's brain was a bit addled by the hollydays so she posted our Mancat Monday on Saturday.  What a silly bean!

But we have something special today. Our furriend Carlos from the Daily Cat gave us an award!!!

How pawsome is that?  We lubs that there is sunshine in this award 'cuz we don't have the sunshine here today.

As part of the award we has to do some things.
First elebenty facts about ourselves:
1.  Sasha is the oldest (13), Sami is the middle child (12) and Saku is the baby (5 going on 6).
2. We all have our favorite beans Sasha (bean brofur C), Sami (Mom) and Saku (bean sisfur D)
3. Mom gives us stinky goodness efurry night. If she's not home we tell our bean brofur or bean sisfur to give it to us, MOL
4. Sasha won't drink out of our fountain.  He only likes to drink from the bowl mom keeps in her bathroom sink.
5. Sami likes to bring toys to mom.  Mom knows she is coming 'cuz Sami calls to her, but the silly bean has yet to get a picture, MOL
6. Saku is a pest.  "AM NOT!"
7. Sasha and Saku sometimes climb up on the top of the kitchen cupboards. Sami is too fat chubby to get up there.  "WHATEVER!"
8. Mom says we can tell time 'cuz we wake her up before the alarm clock.
9. We has a pawsome room on our house called the sunny room.  When it is sunny (and above freezing) outside we gets to go out there.
10. Phew...elebenty is a lot of facts.
11. Oh yeah, one more.  We used to share mom's blog with her but we all talked to her and she finally agreed to give us our own blog.  Our first post was almost a year ago. So our blogaverary is coming soon.  Maybe we can talk her into a pawty!

Now we has to answer elebenty questions.
1. Have you ever owned a Ragdoll cat?  No, but we has a stuffed dog that Sasha lubs to fight with.
2. If you could have one wish (and it actually came true) what would it be?  Ooooh that's an easy one to answer...stinky goodness all the time!
3. If you ever won a $1000, what would you do with it.  Buy some stinky goodness for us and give some of it to our Humane Society so other kitties will have stinky goodness too.
4. What is your favorite state in North America?  Well, we's never been anywhere but here so we'll say our province Saskatchewan.
5. Would you ever be interested in breeding any animals?  No, 'cuz we've all been spayed or neutered, MOL
6. What's your favorite movie?  We don't know about movies, but we lubs watching the bunny run around in our yard on our cat television.
7. Where are you from?  Mom gotted Sasha and Sami adopted from a pet store.  Saku camed from far away but he doesn't remember where.
8. What's your favorite color? The color of stinky goodness of course.
9. What's your favorite animal?  Nip mouses.
10. For how long have you been blogging?  Our furst blogaversary will be tomorrow!
11. Do you like cats more than dogs?  Absolutely, though we isn't real happy if strange kitties come to our house.

Now we is supposed to present this award to elebenty bloggers who deserve some recognition and a little bloggin' love.  That's really hard 'cuz even though we follows lots of blogs we can't choose! So if you hasn't got this award already, please consider it yours.

The last thing we is supposed to do is ask you elebenty questions.  But the mom bean is getting restless needs to get our dinner ready so we'll let you answer the same ones we did.

Thanks Carlos for the award!  Have a great day efurrybody!


  1. Concats on the award!

    Is it a year of blogging already (tomorrow)? Wow! We'll wish you an early happy blogoversary!

  2. Now we know more about you. Sasha is the same age as my Tungsten, a youthful thirteen.

  3. Congratulations on your award!! I know you can tell time, because my boys can tell time, too! Favorite color to be color of stinky goodness. Great answer! LOL!

  4. conga ratz guys on yur awardz N cash prizes !!! anda happee earl lee blog annie fur sary two everee ewe two !!!