Sunday, October 27, 2013

Simple Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

It's a simple Sunday around here.  Like Sasha, we is all finding a cozy place to curl up to have an extended Sunday nap. Being a cat is pawsome thing, MOL

Have a great Sunday efurryody!


  1. We is having a pretty cozy Sunday too. It's gotten super cold and windy here so the Human FINALLY turned the radiators on--sheer bliss! Hope you got in lots of good naps, too.

  2. I know! I wish I were a spoiled kitty :-)
    Have a great new week, kitties!

  3. Being a cat means being spoiled. being a human means spoiling a cat. Sigh.

  4. Os domingos são perfeitos para uma soneca estendida hehehe
    tenham uma ótima semana

  5. Hi Eileen, we are posting here in response to your comment about Benny's eye, and could not find a way to email you. When he was a few years old, we noticed his right eye got cloudy looking. Our vet suggested seeing an opthamalogist, who told us it was a cataract. Over the years, the cataract re-absorbed back into the eye, dissolving the lens with it. He can't see much out of that eye--only some things in the distance (because he's unable to focus without a lens).

    Usually, we hardly notice his limited vision in that eye. Sometimes, when he's playful or not paying attention, he'll misjudge and bump into something or miss a jump. But, he's adapted wonderfully.