Monday, August 19, 2013

Many Thanks Monday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here!

Look, look, look! See our new banner?  Yesterday we gots a comment from Jan's Funny Farm and they told us they had a surprise for us.

We made mom send an e-mail right away and was she ever surprised when she got the new banner.  We was furry happy because it is soooooo much better than anything mom could ever make.

Thanks to Jan and the crew for sending us such a wonderful gift! You made our (and Mom's) day!!!
Between the new banner and a load of fresh laundry....I thinks I'm in heaven, MOL!

Have a great Monday efurrybody!


  1. Awww, that was so sweet of Jan! Have a super week, guys. :-)

  2. I like the new banner. The old one was good, but I kept thinking it was part of the latest day's post. That was a pleasant gift from Jan.

  3. Hey, guys, we're glad you like the banner. We've been napping in a couple of baskets of dirty laundry in the kitchen the last two days. But you have clean laundry?