Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thank Cod, it's Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here.

We is so glad it is Caturday 'cuz there was furry bad storm here yesterday.  It scared me so much I hid in my bean sisfur's bathroom and Sami hid in mom's armoire.  Saku is dumb, he just runned around the house watching mom and the bean brofur.

After the storm we didn't gets to go outside. This is what it looked like out the window of the not today sunny room.

It was furry scary for us, so we is happy it isn't Freaky Furiday here anymore.

Today we are relaxing and enjoying time with Mom.  Saku is chasing his toys under the couch.

(I told you he was dumb).  Mom says he'll have to wait 'cuz she's not moving the couch to get his toys.

Sami is hanging out on the back of the chair.

And me, I've got the bestest spot of all.  I've settled in beside mom, under the tippy tappy box.  It's warm and cozy and Saku won't bother me here.

Gotta go, time for a nap, have a great Caturday efurrybody!


  1. Accck! We hope you didn't sustain any damage. We had lines of thunderstorms overnight, and some areas lost power (even in town), but we were fine. It's hot today, but mercifully the humidity has dropped. The house is still around 80F, though, a bit too hot to be comfy yet.

    Have a great, and safe, weekend!

  2. Oh no, sorry to hear you had a scary storm! Glad it's over and you are having nice Caturday :-)
    Sasha, that looks very cozy spot. I hope you get a nice long nap!

  3. Gosh, Kitties! Where do you kids live??? Is that HAIL or sumfing? Is it WINTER where you are???? I'm sorry you had a skeery storm!

  4. The weather seems to be unpleasant everywhere this summer...