Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mancat Monday/Tuxie Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Sheesh, the mom is falling down on the job again.  Not litterally...she won'ts be able to tippy tap if she is on her face.   Speaking of litter, she cleaned the boxes tonight.  I likes clean litter, MOL!

But seriously, a late post again this week...and she's trying to pass it off for two too? If we knewed anyone else who would do this for us we'd fire her for sure.

Here I is with my blanket.  I lubs my blanket, 'specially after my bean sisfur washes it for me.  It smells sooooo good and tastes good too.  Mom says it doesn't look furry manly...pfft what does she know?  She's not a man and she's certainly not a cat either!

So I finally gots my revenge for the hip check into the toilet.  (If you are the squeamish type, scroll no further).  Last nights I came into the shiny talking box room, stood near mom, and let 'er rip.
That My bean brofur was totally disgusted that mom took a picture, MOL!  Then she had to chase Sami away 'cuz she tried to eat it.  NOW that's disgusting!!!

Have a great Monday/Tuesday efurrybody.


  1. My cats always head downstairs where there is carpet to do their vomiting. Sigh.

  2. Isso foi uma ótima vingança hehehehe

  3. Oh yay, you got your revenge! But did your mom have to take picture, and worse, put it up on internet? LOL!
    Oh I think you look very manly with your blankie :-)

  4. Blankies are VERY Mancatly, especially that one that is such a nice manly gold color. Not like it's PINK or somefing, like my beddy which is also furry mancatly.

    Nice upchucking! Bravo, my furiend.

  5. NICE PUDDLE! You really did a great job. Was there no carpeting to frow up on though?