Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, Sasha here!

I got my mom good yesterday, she is still holding her chest shaking her head, MOL!  

You see, when she came home from where ever she goes all day, she found the front door of the house open.  Both my bean brofur and bean sisfur had gone away (which is furry strange in itself) and nobody shut the door.  Seriously, we kitties could have got outside and got losted!  

When the bean brofur got home a few minutes later, he started making our supper.  (We has him well-trained...it took time and patience my furriends but it was worth the work).  Anyway, mom started calling me for supper and guess what?  She couldn't find me!

Then the beans got all excited and started running around the house checking all the rooms, upstairs and down, the cupboards and closets, and underneath the tables and chairs.  They kept calling and calling....boy did they make a lot of noise.  Sami and Saku were running around looking too!

But I still couldn't be found.  So the mom got worried and told the bean brofur and sisfur about finding the door open and then they all wented outside and looked for me there too.  The nice neighbour (Abby's mom*) looked in her yard too.

The sisfur and mom came back into the house, and then the bean sisfur found me.  Silly beans, I was sleeping under a love seat in the sunny room.  My bean brofur was so happy to see me he just lubbed all over me.  AND then I got stinky goodness.

Mom says either I'm getting deaf or I was simply ignoring them.  Me, I'm not saying!

Have a great tabby Tuesday efurrybody!!

*Abby is an orange tabby who lives next door.  Once when her mom and dad were away she got lost for two whole days!  Mom found her on our deck one morning and brought her into our house (we didn't like that) until the house sitter came to get her.  


  1. It's fun to play games like that with the humans, isn't it? Listen to them as their blood pressure spikes and panic sets it...while you're all cosy and comfy napping somewhere. Well done!

  2. Oh my, is this the little sorted trick you guys like to play? It drives me crazy...Next time, I'll know and save the aggravation of getting upset!!
    You all are too smart for your britches!!!
    Thanks for all your kind words they meant so much!!
    Hugs, Loretta

  3. I can well understand everyone's concern, Sasha. I get worried when I can't find one of my cats - and I haven't left a door open yet. Well, not for years. Yet I still worry when someone is missing. They are always found somewhere safe, thank goodness.

  4. Oh wow that was a scary experience for your humans! Glad you are safe and sound :-)
    I get worried when I can't find my kitties. No door is open and the house is small. Yet they can disappear! Usually they are somewhere we overlook....like, on the dining table. (Silly me!)
    I think you were simply ignoring them, weren't you :-)

  5. THAT is the scariest thing in the world, when we got out doors. Thank goodness you were found!!!