Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sorta gotcha day

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

Mom says today is my sorta gotcha day.  Huh!  I knows the old woman has a bad memory but seriously?  She cannot remember the exact moment I came into her life?  OMC!

I guess I needs to forgive her 'cuz there was lots going on then.

First, my other mother, my bean sisfur gotcha'd me sometime in May, 2008.  We lived in an tiny little old house in a small town far, far away from here.

Then my other mother decided to quit her job and come back to live with mom.

So she and I comed to live with mom for a little while. When we first comed, mom helped my bean sisfur move all of her stuff back home.  My bean sisfur didn't feels so good so mom and a friend did all the packing and moving on their own.  Mom says it wasn't much fun!

Then a little while later, my bean sisfur moved away again and left me here.  By then I was sorta used to my other brofurs and sisfurs, Sasha, Silver, Sami, Shady and Silas, and Mom thought I would be lonely without them.  I thinks my brofurs and sisfurs would have been happy for me to leave, but too bad for them MOL!

Eventually my bean sisfur and bean brofur both moved back to live with us.  So I always have a servant at my service, to feed me, pet me and tell me "No Saku!" whatever that means, MOL.

I's happy I got gotcha'd not once, but twice.  I knows I is a furry lucky kitty 'cuz I could have lived outside all my life like my litter mates.  Instead I gots a great furever home, where I am loved and cared for, and I have toys and a brofur and sister to annoy!

AND I gets to know lots of other kitties too through the interweb!  I is a furry happy cat, MOL!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Saku! You struck it lucky indeed! :-)

    BTW, every day is a reason to celebrate, so it's okay if it's "sort of" your Gotcha Day!

  2. Happy Gotcha day! We're glad you got gotted! Twice!!
    You know, we don't know our Star's real actual gotcha day or birthday, so we chose a day close to the time of year we got her and that's her official day now. It works!

  3. Happy sorta gotcha day, Saku! I think not remembering the exact moment is nit important because you are in a wonderful forever home!
    I know "No, Saku!" means "I love you." :-)