Monday, June 24, 2013

Mancat Monday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

The other day you saw a picture of me in the sink.  I likes the sink, but not to sleep in!  Nope, I have trained my mom to let me drink from the sink.

Efurry morning after she brushes her teeths...I wait impatiently for the fresh water.

I knows just the right way to sit on the edge of the sink so I don'ts get all wet.

Mom says I am a furry smart kitty!

She, on the other hand, isn't a furry good housekeeper, MOL!

Have a great mancat Monday efurrybody!!!


  1. Saku, we always marvel at kitties who drink running water, especially from a tap. It's WATER. ::Shudder::

  2. Saku você é muito inteligente, nós ainda temos problemas no treinamento da nossa humana... ela se recusa a abrir a torneira de madrugada!

  3. Wow Saku, that's impressive! First of all, great job training your mom to run water for you :-) And drinking without getting all wet, you are very skilled kitty! One of my kitties always gets wet playing and drinking in the sink.
    Happy Monday and wishing you a wonderful new week!!