Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not so wordless Wednesday

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Authorities say a New York police officer who tried to rescue a cat stuck in a tree got caught himself and needed a little help getting back down to the ground.
The Fire Department of New York says it happened Monday afternoon in the borough of Queens.
A call came in that a man attempting to get a cat out of a tree had gotten stuck. Fire department personnel used a bucket ladder to get the man and the cat down.
The fire department says the man is a police officer.
The New York Police Department has no comment.

Pee Ess: this picture is not one of stole borrowed it from the interweb.


  1. Well, i told you...never send a man to do a cat's job! They don't listen! Meow...

  2. Lol...silly human!!! Please check out my blog and subscribe!!!

    -- Nermal

  3. Haha! The one who came to rescue also needs rescuing.