Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cat in a box Caturday

Hi efurrybody, Saku here!

We's busy in the sunny room again today but mom is being lazy so these pictures are from yesterday.  She washed the floor yesterday, something about too many kitty prints?  How can there be too many kitty prints?  Anyway, she picked up the box and put on a little table in front of the window.

Sasha and Sami did some box sitting, but I have much better technique!

It's a great place for a man cat to take a bath!


And an even better place to take a nap in the sunshine.

Pee ess:  Mom says please forgive the kwality of the pictures, she's finally learning how to use her camera in the manual mode, with mixed results.  We don't see what's wrong, we're in the pictures, right?  MOL!

Have a great Caturday efurrybody!!!


  1. Hahaha Sim vocês estão nas fotos e elas estão muito boas. Aproveitem o sol amigos.

  2. Mol, LOL yes you are and that's all that matters! XO

  3. You all loom great! Enjoy the box! =)