Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tabby Tuesday

Hi efurrybody, it's Sami here.....I is so excited that I gets to blog today and not one of those man kitties.  I mean, it's my turn, right?

Even though Mom says I'm usually sleeping, I'm sometimes not...like here when I's having a bath.

Can you see my pink tongue...probly not 'cuz mom wasn't quick enough, MOL

You can sure see it in the next picture, tho!
Good job, Mom!
When I's done taking care of my furs, I likes to snuggle in for my beauty rest like any smart girl kitty would do.

Hmmm...mom says she doesn't have very many pictures of me because I sleep so much.  I think it's 'cuz I'm a-dopted...what do you think?

Happy Tabby Tuesday, efurrybody!!!


  1. No...that doesn't matter to Mummy! She loves you just as the others...a little secret...she wants you to get your rest and enjoy your furrever home. So enjoy until you are ready to be with everyone...Meow!
    Kitty & Mum

  2. It is so totally not because you are adopted!! she chose you which makes you special. Maybe you should let her take a few pictures of you doing something fun.. I bet she would so love that :)

  3. Sami eu adoro ver fotos de gatinhos dormindo eles parecem tão tranquilos. Você é muito caprichosa cuidando de seus lindos pelos.