Sunday, March 10, 2013

Simple Sunday

Hi efurrybody, Sami here.

We is having a furry quiet Sunday, just hanging out and pestering keeping Mom company.  She opened the door to the sunny room but it was too cold ....brrr...for a kitty.  So we is spending time with the our beans.

I've been helping mom watch curling...efurrytime she gets up between ends, I keep her chair nice and warm.

Saku is on the ottoman, ready to play.  (He looks cranky 'cuz mom was using the flashy box and not holding the feathers on a stick!)

Our brofur Sasha is hanging out downstairs with the bean brofur.  He gets his very own chair!  He's a funny boy, 'cuz he wouldn't look at mom.  He doesn't like the flashy box, MOL!

Have a great Sunday efurrybody!


  1. Great division of labor! Humans require SO much tiresome supervision...

  2. Nós também preferimos brincar, mas a nossa humana insiste em usar a caixa chamativo.
    Tenham uma ótima semana amigos.