Friday, February 15, 2013

Finally Friday

Sasha here, oh my cod is mom lazy!  She hasn't taken care of OUR blog for days!!!*

We've almost forgiven her, 'cuz she went shopping today after work and she brought home a new toy for us.  Of course, she wouldn't need to bring a new toy if the brat Saku would quit breaking them!  I guess you can't expect much from youngsters.

Here's Sami and Saku playing with the new toy. I'm much too groan up for such kittenish things.**

Saku - I's gonna kill this one too!

Sami - I can get it, I can get it!!!
Hey, that looks like fun!  Maybe I'm not too groan up.....MOM!!!!

* Not lazy, busy!
** He played with it, but I couldn't get a decent photo holding the toy in one hand and the camera in the other!


  1. Oh, that toy looks VERY cool! Wherever did you get it?

  2. A thingy on a stringy!!! Those are the best toys.